Retro Furniture

Retro furniture is rapidly increasing in price and demand. Its excellent build quality and unique style makes for people frequently choosing this type of furniture as appose to newly built pieces from mainstream stores. However, most people in possession of these pieces are oblivious to owning these valuable collectives, constantly missing out on the opportunity restore these pieces.



At we make sure you won’t regret your decision to refurbish your retro chair or table and we guarantee this class of furniture holds the charisma and rich style you’ve been looking for.                     


Retro HiFi and Gosford Hi-Fi regularly combine their expertise to restore all kinds of stereos. With both parties possessing rich knowledge in each of their areas these finished pieces are guaranteed to be reunited with all the charisma they once had. Restoration of this type can include anything from repairing the electronics or repolishing the surface.

Before                                                            After


However, for a full restoration the standard process is as follows;

  1. Remove all the electronics.

  2. Remove the old and faded paint or polish.

  3. Sand all surfaces and carry-out minor repair work.
  4. Repolish the surface in a manor appropriate to the age and style of the piece.
  5. Re-install the electronics whilst working on whatever needs to be repaired and refurbished.
  6. Return to a very satisfied customer.
Before                                                            After


Looking better than ever these finished products are ready to live another life, warming your house with a special charm for generations to come.