Well maintained furniture is constantly thrown out because of a single part being broken or becoming loose. A broken or loose leg definitely doesn’t justify buying a whole new table or chair. Come to and let us show you how a piece of furniture can be put back together without changing any polish, fabric or wood.  Your precious arm chair will be as sturdy as ever without any alterations in appearance.


On the other hand, some repairs require a complete rebuild, and in this case a repolish. This chair has been completely dismantled and rebuilt. Parts such as dowels, rails, screws and nails were all replaced and reinstalled using epoxy resins and wood glue, this provided a significant increase in strength and stability.



Once the structural aspects of the chair were satisfactory it was time to strip back, sand and repolish. After being freshly upholstered using traditional methods this chair was now ready to sit pretty for another 50 years.