Modern Furniture

Modern furniture can perish just as easily as an antique piece. At we effectively restore these pieces by giving them a brand new finish. Thanks to a modern polyurethane polish your furniture will be resistant to water, alcohol and minor knocks all whilst looking more attractive than ever. With similar techniques we our capable of completely changing the colour and shine of the finish… a glossy clear finish to a satin white? No problem. Why agree with an extortionate price tag placed on an inferior piece of cheaply made furniture that’s just waiting to deconstruct itself. A few scratches and a faded polish is no reason to swap your table with one that was built with less time and care, come to and restore and repair instead of replace.

Office Furniture

We provide an office furniture repair and refinish service. Don’t replace that table in your meeting room because its scratched, water marked or sticky. Maybe your cleaner has been using the wrong polish for years, making your table sticky and uninviting.  At we provide a quick re-finish service, minimum down time.

Office chairs, don’t get rid, just recover and repair. The chairs can look like new for a lot less of the cost. These don’t have to be old or antique, we cover it all, and will service the Sydney CBD.