Coating Removal

Paint removal is an art of its own. Whether it's twenty coats of paint on a wall or a layer of old polish and grime stuck to a Georgian table. A considerable amount of care and persistance is always necessary. Many years of removing paint off everything from twelve story buildings to a single T.V chair has resulted in an expertise which can be applied to just about anything with paint or polish.


The object is to remove paint, dirt and grime leaving the beauty and grace of the piece ready to be repolished making sure not to damage to substate.

Building, Machinery, Stonework

These objects dont need such a delicate process, however, some form of care is required not to damage the substructure.

At Michael we have had over 30 years of experience removing paint and grime from pieces as delicate as a Regency Tea Caddy to as grand as a City Tower Block..