Antique Restoration

Antique Furniture

The true beauty of an antique is often hidden under many years of deterioration and lack of care. Our job here at is to release the true potential of these pieces, making them as beautiful as they once were. However, an antique develops its character through age. We therefore abide by the philosophy not to over restore but to maintain the maturity and elegance of the piece. 

          Before                                                          After
         Before restoration Photo                After restoration Photo

There are a variety of techniques and methods an antique can be restored. French Polishing, Traditional Wax and Modern Finishes can all be applied without losing the furnitures age and fascination. This is why we encourage our customers to discuss the process and end product of the restoration.

           Before                                                          After

             Before restoration Photo                     After restoration Photo

What finish will best suit the furniture? How much woodwork and repair will be necessary? To what extent do you want your piece restored? By the end of the discussion you should have a sound understanding of what you will receive after the refurbishment. But despite the process that is agreed on you will always receive a piece that seems perfectly maintained and at the same time appear evidently old.

          Before                                                      After


By using specially developed products we can ensure that the pieces of history we work on will last for generations to come.

      Before                                                           After



Architectual Antiques

We welcome all architectural antiques to be repaired and refurbished here at We also carry out work on modern and retro architectures. We recently took on the project to give new life to a great deal of Victoria Barracks’ window shutters. They entered our workshop rotten, faded and in no state to represent a building with such heritage.
Some shutters required very little wood work but others needed new rails, slats and much more. Despite this, throughout the entire process we followed our philosophy and made sure we kept them as original as possible leaving the character and heritage that had grown upon them for so many years.
After sanding, filling, painting and even rebuilding sections for some, the shutters were ready to stand tall for another 100 years.


Have you got windows and doors that need replacing? We can faithfully reproduce any design, age and style to blend in with the original architecture.