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Michael Collin possesses more than 30 years experience in restoration and cabinet making, from which he has a aquired a vast knowledge in woods, finishes and antiques.   

Prior to 1992 Michael worked in Sydney restoring and selling antique furniture and architectural pieces. From 1992 to 2010 he lived and worked in Manchester, England restoring and conserving both furniture and buildings. Today Michael is based on the NSW Central Coast in West Gosford and offers his services in the local area through to both Sydney and Newcastle. 




To restore a piece to its former glory by not losing its sense of age and history.  Leaving the piece so that it does not deteriorate for future generations.

Pick-ups & Deliveries

The saftey of our custormers furniture is a high priority here at Michaelcollin.com. Thanks to the use of appropriate methods and a secure, effiecent vehicle we can tell you there has never been a damaged, lost or stolen piece of furniture in regards to Michaelcollin.com. (All transportation is included in the cost of the quote).


All Insurance Work Carried Out

At Michaelcollin.com we know what it is like to have a problem with your cherished articles. We understand the long and sometimes upsetting road that comes from disaster, big or small. With our experience we can help repair or replace your cherished possession. 

Storage Available 

Temporary storage facilities are offered her at MichaelCollin.com. So if you’re going on holiday or moving house we can safely keep your beloved furniture until a preferred pick-up time emerges. Charges may apply.

Obligation free quotes

We can provide obligation free quotes, no charge, just give us your details and we will be in touch. 

0410 391 755.


Past and Present Clients

Art Gallery of NSW • Police Museum Circular Quay • Flossoms Antiques • Manchester City Council UK • Birmingham City Council UK •  Village Farm Antiques • Freehill Hollingdale and Page, Sydney • Aberdeen City Council UK • Knob Hill Antiques • Artarmon Joinery •  Royal Sydney Golf Club, Rose Bay, Sydney • Attorney Generals Office, NSW • Cypess Lakes Golf Club Resort • Elysia Health Resort • Tropman & Tropman Architects • Victoria Barracks, Sydney



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