Collection: Steel Wool

We have a wide range of Steel Wool products available and a dedicated team of professionals ready to give you the right advice!  Read below for information and uses for the different Steel Wool grades:

Super Fine (0000)

Used extensively for French polishing & antique restoration. This grade is used to finish and/or buff fine woodwork with or without the use of waxes and oils. Polishes bright metals and removes dirt from glass.

Fine (00-0)

Removes stain from wooden floors. Smooths finishes between coats. Restores aluminium to original appearance. Cleans vinyl and tiled floors.

Medium (1)

Prepares surfaces before painting. Cleans cast and wrought iron. Cleans copper pipes and fittings.

Coarse (2-3)

Removes wax build-up from wooden surfaces. Removes paint from awkward corners. Strips lacquer, paint and varnish from woodwork. Cleans barbecue grills.

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